Incident report – 10 December 2020

📢CPF S7 Daily incident report📢

Date: 10 December 2020

The following incident/s were reported:-

* An alleged intoxicated whiskey female was reported in Simon Bekker Avenue trying to gain entry into complexes. RO’s responded to area.

* Domestic violence reported in Kransalwyn Street. Patrollers and RO’s responded.

* A member asked for assistance in Dikbas Street. Alleged tampering with her electric fence. Patrollers and RO’s responded.

* A resident reported a suspicious grey/goldish BMW with Bravo’s in Leadwood/Firebush Streets. RO’s and patrollers responded and reported all was clear.

* A truck lost control on Robert Broom past the Jehova’s Witnesses towards Roodepoort. Patrollers responded to the scene and assisted.

* A suspected dog poisoning was reported by a member that occurred on the 8th December in Milkwood Street.

Please report any incidents to SAPS and our CPF office for record keeping purposes.

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