Incident Report – 20 July 2021

📢 CPF S7 Daily incident Report 📢

Date: 20th July 2021

The following incident/s were reported:

* Illegal dumping behind houses in Athlone Road just off Bell Drive. No further details.

* Illegal dumping in Firebush Street next to the river. No further details.

* A suspicious white Hyundai Accent with 3-4 bravo males changing the number plates on their vehicle, on Bell Avenue. The suspects sped off towards Roodepoort when they saw reaction officers approaching. RO’s and Patrollers Responded. No further details.

* A suspicious gold VW Golf with 4 bravo males standing in Fisk Road. They claimed that they were waiting for someone. The resident confirmed that they did not know the person the bravo males were looking for. RO’s responded. No further details.

Please report any incidents to SAPS and our CPF office at 072 425 0121 for any assistance and record keeping purposes.

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