Incident Report – 1 October – 3 October 2021

📢 CPF S7 Daily incident Report 📢

Date: 1st – 3rd October 2021

The following incident/s were reported:

* A Blue Polo (old shape) with two youngsters and a whisky female threw stones at people waiting for taxi’s around Olivier Street and Loftus Road, for two consecutive days. RO’s confirmed that they will monitor the area.

* White bakkie was reported standing in the veld across from Curro Primary School in Norden Road. Patrollers responded and confirmed that everything was in order and that the bakkie had broken down.

* MBC (Motor Bike Crash) in Simon Bekker Avenue. Patrollers and Emergency Services were on the scene.

* A suspicious Bravo was walking from house to house asking for clothes in Olivier Street and Forsyth Road. RO’s responded and confirmed that the bravo male had left the area.

* There was an open gate in Ametis Road. Patrollers were unable to contact the resident. RO’s confirmed that they will do extra patrolling in the area.

Please report any incidents to SAPS and our CPF office at 072 425 0121 for any assistance and record keeping purposes.

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