Incident Report – 13 June 2022

📢 CPF S7 Daily Incident Report 📢

Date: 13 June 2022

The following incident/s were reported:

1. Robbery in Crossberry Street. Beam alarm triggered and resident saw one bravo male ran off. Suspect was wearing blue overall pants and khaki jacket. RO’s responded.

2. Suspicious Bravo Male with a black bag was standing on the corner of Longford Street and Athlone Road T-junction stop street at the complex entrance.

3. Suspicious bravo male loitering on the sidewalk along Simon Bekker just past Lorana Complex since 10:00 to 14:45.

ALWAYS remember to report all the info:
who, what, where, when, why, which, and how

Please report any incidents to SAPS and our CPF office at 072 425 0121 for any assistance and record-keeping purposes.

Kind regards,
Sector 7 Marketing