Incident Report – 24 -26 June 2022

📢 CPF S7 Daily Incident Report 📢

Date: 24 -26 June 2022

The following incident/s were reported:

1. Whiskey Female in Sugar Bush Estate, suffering from low blood pressure, fell down and hit her head, Female decided not to go to hospital.

2. Suspicious 4 Bravo males in a white VW polo reg KM22YRGP attempted mugging, between Robert Broom Drive and Lud Hersch Drive. RO’S responded but could not find vehicle in our sector.

3. White Nissan bantam bakkie broken down on Bell Street East . RO’S responded.

4. 8 Electricity cables stolen in Bell Avenue, Electric team has responded.

5. Suspicious Lime green Peugeot with 4 Bravo males driving around between Lindhout and Weston. Patrollers responded.

6. White Toyota double cab reg HSW 543 NW stolen from Noordheuwel Eliot Street during the night, RO’s responded.

7. BOLO , be on the look out for a White Toyota Fortuner Reg no JVZ607MP stolen from Hoerskool Monument RO’s responded.

8 . Suspicious white panel van driving up to Rudd Street no reg identified 1 armed Bravo male in vehicle, RO’s responded.

9. All the electric cables that was stolen in Bell Avenue at the substation was recovered at Hobby Park.

10. Suspicious bravo male walking in Athlone and Bell street digging in dustbins. He was wearing a grey hoodie and back pack. RO’s responded.

11. 2 Suspicious bravo males walking in Flamethorn street. SAPS confronted them and confirmed that they were builders in the area

ALWAYS remember to report all the info:
who, what, where, when, why, which, and how

Please report any incidents to SAPS and our CPF office at 072 425 0121 for any assistance and record-keeping purposes.

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