Incident Report – 5 October 2022

📢 CPF S7 Daily Incident Report 📢

Date: 5 October 2022

The following incident/s were reported:

1. A camera and beams were stolen during loadshedding in the early hours of yesterday morning, in Howel Street, Noordheuwel. Patrollers and RO’s have been notified.

2. Suspicious bravo with a dark hoody was walking around during the night in Bruyn Road, Noordheuwel. RO’s responded.

3. A gate motor was stolen during the early hours of the morning in Libertas Street, Noordheuwel.

Please be aware of ATM scammers active in our area. Don’t allow anyone into your personal space when drawing money. Report any suspicious behaviour immediately.

ALWAYS remember to report all the info:
who, what, where, when, why, which, and how

Please report any incidents to SAPS and our CPF office at 072 425 0121 for any assistance and record-keeping purposes.

Kind regards,
Sector 7 Marketing