Fireworks Laws in Mogale City Municipal Area

Good day all

Please note to discharge fireworks at any time in the Mogale City municipal area, residents & businesses must first obtain a permit issued by the WRDM/Mogale Fire Chief to discharge (see above).  No permits to discharge fireworks have been applied for or issued for this Festive Season & the office is now closed.

Mogale bylaws are DIFFERENT to City of Johannesburg who allow discharging at certain times on Festive season days.

It is legal to buy them without a permit – BUT illegal to discharge without said permit.

When reporting the illegal discharging of fireworks please provide:

  • an exact address
  • if possible photographic evidence
  • IR number (Call ref) to SAPS 10111 (SAPS will deal with the afterhours noise complaints)
  • be prepared to provide a statement

Forward all information to the Mogale City By-Law Enforcement team This will enable Public Safety By-Laws officers to investigate & issue fines etc. if applicable.


Please abide by our Municipal by-laws to ensure everyone in our community is safe this Festive Season.