These costs are only applicable should you wish to become a patroller:
I acknowledge that I reside in Sector 7 and that I am a non-contributing member of the Sector 7 CPF.

By signing the application form I agree to make monthly / yearly membership contributions towards RNK Community Watch for value added services and should seize to make contributions I will remove my house plaque from being displayed and authorize the CPF patrollers to remove my house plaque on my behalf.
I herewith authorise the Sector 7 CPF patrollers to enter my property to conduct a lawful search and / or to arrest any suspect on my property.
All information will be treated with confidentiality.
I acknowledge that I’m under no obligation to give any information I do not wish to provide.
I hereby waive any action held against the RNK Community Watch, RNK Sector 7 Watch and Sector 7 Community Police Forum arising from participation in the Community Watch and Forum activities, and have read and understand the RNK Community Watch as well as Sector 7 CPF CONSTITUTIONS and General Standard Operating Protocols.

Banking Details:

Account Holder: RNK Community Watch NPC
Account No: 1129047458
Bank: Nedbank Clearwater
Branch Code: 182505