WhatsApp Group Rules

CPF Sector 7 group rules - WhatsApp

Before you post a message on the public groups, please read the group rules. 

We would also like to remind you that the patrollers and EXCO are all volunteers and do this service voluntary in their own vehicles, in their own time for the safety and wellbeing of our families and neighbours in Sector 7. 
Please familiarise yourself with the rules so that we all adhere to them. 

All crime & safety related matters and incidents can be shared on this group. If you can add value to a situation with more information you are more than welcome to comment. 
If the CPF can do anything to enhance the group etc., please send us your suggestions.  

  • No advertising, jokes, spam mails, chain mails, etc. to be sent to the group.
  • Communication after 10 pm is to be limited to emergency situations only.
  • Please feel free to share and post any information pertaining to OUR SECTOR with regard to Safety and Security concerns. Where applicable.
  • If you need urgent assistance rather phone the CPF office, call on the radio or activate a panic alert via our Bullhorn app. If you have to send a message, please be specific in terms of your location and address and be as descriptive as possible. Also try contacting the office or SAPS after 10pm.
  • No defamation, name calling and generally rude behaviour or profanity in any form will be tolerated and you will be removed from the group.
  • Please make sure you are aware of warning posts in the group before posting. It might have been posted already.
  • We appreciate the fact that you might feel grateful for any assistance you received and wish to thank us on the group, however there is no need, the fact that you are a member is thanks enough.
  • We understand that due to WhatsApp's extremely efficient servers, all messages are delivered to every member of the group, although sometimes messages may get delayed due to network problems. We therefore assume you have received the message, albeit later than when it was sent out, and we ask that you don't respond with acknowledgement of receipt or with emoticons (eg.👍🏻🙈 ).
  • Please  refrain from using the voice chat - call feature on the WhatsApp group. Should you wish to reach us please contact our office number directly

You are welcome to contact any EXCO member should you need to. 
Yours in service
CPF Sector 7 EXCO